Agility Instruction

vertical agility 2Agility is team sport with a human and canine partner. Competitors race against the clock to direct their dogs through tunnels, over jumps and through weave poles. Agility has captured the heart of dog trainers.

Description: Advanced teams will have the opportunity to compete in many trials offered in Northern California each year. While we know that not each handler will choose to compete, we believe that every team should receive the same quality training. Agility taught well is fun for both humans and dogs.

Instructors: Read more on Moe our Agility Instructors.

Agility Class Offerings and Levels:

  • Agility Foundation Class
  • Beginning Agility Class
  • Intermediate Agility Class
  • Advanced Agility Class
  • Agility Foundation Training – Competition Based with Moe Strenfel
  • Agility Intermediate Handling & Training  with Moe Strenfel
  • Agility Master’s Handling & Training  with Moe Strenfel
  • Agility Fun Matches/Run-Through
  • Agility Club

Requirements: All dogs, other than those with aggression issues, that are healthy enough to run and jump are welcome in agility classes. All breeds from toy to giant breeds have been successful in agility.

Note: If your dog has not yet done obedience or has specific obedience issues (such as not coming when you call), we recommend starting with our class called Obedience for Sports.

Session: Each class will be divided into six-week sessions.

Cost: $120 – $135