Sport Dog Center Training

Does your dog need dog training?  We have a variety of classes that are available with classes ranging from obedience, agility, k9 nose work to rally instruction.  Get your dog training today!

Obedience Training

obedienceSport Dog Center offers obedience dog training classes with the goal of developing a well mannered dog that you can take anywhere.  While you might participate in these classes as an end in itself, you and your dog will be prepared to continue your training fun while pursuing the exciting dog sports of Agility, Rally or K9Nose Work.  Obedience classes range from kinder puppy, fundamentals, unleashed fundamentals, and seniors.  To learn more about Obedience Training Classes click here.
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Agility Instruction

vertical agility 2Agility is team sport with a human and canine partner. Competitors race against the clock to direct their dogs through tunnels, over jumps and through weave poles. Agility has captured the heart of dog trainers and one of our favorite classes for your active dog.  To learn more about this type of dog training called, Agility Instruction click here.
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