K9 Nose Work Instruction

vertical Nose Work 3K9 Nose Work is a sport based on professional detection work.  Based on methods from professional work, dogs are trained to search for scented oils.

Description:  Dogs will learn to search interior rooms, exterior areas, vehicles, and containers. K9 Nose Work does offer competition titling programs. However, it is also a good way for your dog to burn off extra energy and let him or her use his most powerful organ: the nose.

Training Levels:

  • Introduction of Nose Work
  • Introduction to Odor
  • Advanced Nose Work
  • Drop-in practice
  • Mock trials
  • Sniff-n-Go Event

Requirements:  All dogs, other than those that are reactive toward people, are welcome in Nose Work classes. Dogs that are reactive to other dogs are welcome. The sport is monitored so that all dogs are kept safe.

 Note: Obedience instruction is not required for participation in this sport.

Instructors: All Sport Dog Center Nose Work instructors have competed successfully in Nose Work at the highest level.

Session: Each classes will be divided into six-week sessions.

Cost:  $120

We will start a new class when we have a full roster of 6-8 dogs.